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This site is created by Vikas Chandola, Sustainability consultant, with information on some of the works he has completed in this field.  

Brief Note about the author:

Extensive business and industry experience including managing client relationships in retail, manufacturing, telecommunication, hi-tech and other sectors. Experience includes working in US, Japan and India.

Education: Master’s from Harvard University in Sustainability; Life Cycle Analysis Certified Professional (LCACP) from the American Center for Life Cycle Analysis (ACLCA); Undergrad from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India in Chemical Engineering and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India.

Projects completed include conducting a Greenhouse Gas study, and analysis for the City of Naperville, Illinois, strategic plan for building a Sustainability roadmap for Edwards Hospital, Naperville, Illinois, a Financial Sustainability analysis for a solar farm on a landfill in DuPage county, Illinois, Environmental Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for a building product, a social LCA for Vanilla product in the US ice cream industry, a capstone project on Digital Transformation and Sustainability, and several others.

Currently he is engaged on a Social Life Cycle Assessment project to determine wage variations across countries based on sector definitions in the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP).